Katara Cultural Villages

Katara Cultural Village is also known as Valley of Cultures. It is a location that packages traditions, theatre, art, and architecture. It is an exceptional project to promote human interaction through art and cultural exchange made possible under leadership of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir of the State of Qatar.

On the reclaimed land located at the eastern coast between the Pearl and west bay to north of Doha, the cultural village was established and held a soft opening in 2010 during the celebration of the Doha Cultural Capital of the Arab World Year. Qatari culture was the inspiration for the valley of cultures’ concept which offers a lot of activities such as art exhibitions and food and dining. This project has an estimate of US$82million which includes heritage centers, libraries, amphitheater, opera house, art galleries, restaurants and other business establishments.

The Katara complex was built with an oriental and retro-romantic style that makes it different from other cultural buildings in Doha. Aside from being a venue for scholars and artists, Katara also aims to promote cultural awareness in Qatar and raise artistic energies in cooperation with different organizations, societies, and facilities. It offers a great environment to harness the cultural, creative intellectual, and artistic being of the people.

The Amphitheater

The Katara Amphitheater bears a classical Greek theater concept with perpetual Islamic features. Covering 3,275sqm, this spectacular amphitheater was completed in 2008 and officially opened on 11 December 2011. The opening ceremony was made more exciting by a concert by the legendary Vangelis featuring known starts like Jeremy Irons, Angela Gheorghiou and Roberto Alagna. The amphitheater seating capacity can accommodate 5,000 persons which makes it a good venue for a lot of events like film viewing and pop concerts.

The opera house

The Katara Opera House is the home for Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. It has attracted interests from some of the world’s top performers. With a seating capacity of 550 people, this opera house offers a blend of Oriental and late Victorian architectural style to give a lavish cultural experience.

Drama Theatre

The drama theatre executes a combination of Doha’s Islamic architectural and contemporary designs. It is made to host film screenings and wide range of events with a capacity of 430 people. The indoor Drama Theatre’s main stage elicits an open-air experience. This theatre also has separate entrance and annex hall to accommodate before-and-after performances functions.