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  • Qatar Visa shall not be held liable to any inconvenience caused by any misspellings, mismatch, and false information.
  • The 30 and 90 days visit visa are both non-extendable.
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  • This facility is available for tourist visiting Qatar and fulfilling eligibility conditions as announced from time to time by the Qatar Immigration authorities.
  • Issuance and Approval of visa is solely regulated by the government of Qatar and government by their rules and regulations that may be amended from time to time.
  • All fees are non-refundable regardless of the grant, refusal, or any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Visa fees is nonrefundable and the applicant/visitor will not make any claims to refund the same for any reason whatsoever. (Note; The visa fee includes the credit card charges)
  • Visitors must hold a travel documents and comply with the requirements of the Government of Qatar/ Immigration authorities.
  • The decision to grant or refuse of visa is the sole prerogative of the Immigration authorities and it is final. In case of rejection of visa application, he applicant will be informed of the same and no correspondence will be entertained. As advised above, visa fees will not be refunded and no reasons will be required to be given.
  • It is understood that whenever the processing of visa application is prevented, delayed, restricted and interfered with for any reasons whatsoever by Qatar Immigration Authorities to process visitor application, the QatarVisa will not be liable to any loss or damage which may be suffered as result of such causes.
  • Issuance of a visa or approval of the visa application does not in any way guarantee the visitor right to enter Qatar. The entry is at sole discretion of the Immigration Officer at the airport. In case of denial of visa or entry into Qatar by the Government, QatarVisa will in no way be liable to the visitor/guest in any manner whatsoever.
  • QatarVisa will not be liable for any losses or damage which the visitor may suffer arising from delay in processing or receiving the visa. The visa is valid as per Government of Qatar/ issuing authority’s rules and regulations as amended from time to time. The visa must be availed within its period of validity.
  • Fees might change without prior notice.
  • If your application is rejected by the Qatari Authorities or Embassy whether you were from the countries that are banned or under any other reason, we are unable to provide a refund to you.


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