The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar, also referred as “Pearl of the Gulf” is a man-made island off the coast of the West Bay Lagoon area in Doha, Qatar. Its name came from the fact that Qatar was one of the leading pearl traders in Asia before the Japanese introduced cheaper pearls. Its construction cost is said to be USD2.5billion but is believed to be $15billion upon completioon and covers 4million square meters in area. It is designed to be a unique symbol of the modern city with elegant architecture that mimics a string of pearls and diamonds.

By 2018, the Pearl is expected to have 18,831 residential spaces and 45,000 residents. It intends to be a whole package of various national and international themes eg. Arabic, Mediterranean, and European. It represents a prestigious upscale of residential community on a secure and exclusive island.

The Pearl-Qatar comprises a variety of luxury residential units which suit different tastes along with high-end facilities of hospitality and modern commercial spaces. The island provides its residents and visitors a full-service of comfort and luxurious lifestyles. It includes apartments, villas, different recreational facilities, along with tranquil and wonderful beaches, all with luxurious designs. It offers a series of scenic views along with yacht-lined marinas, towers, hotels and villas, luxury brands and showrooms.

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is considered to be a masterpiece of private, modern, and luxurious living with an access to well-known restaurants, high end shopping, and a wide range of culinary options.

Special Landmarks in Pearl-Qatar:

Medina Centrale is the vibrant city center with series of facilities provides range of services, social, business along with VIP restaurants.
Porto Arabia is a living example of the lifestyle in the Riviera. It includes the main port of Pearl-Qatar, towers and elegant houses in a charming location.
Qanat Quartier is surrounded by sandy bays from the Arabian Gulf side, and this agglomeration area has been designed architecturally to reflect the spirit and style of the real Riviera.